SAFE was founded in 2007, move to Amarin tower in 2009.

After realize that the need for a comprehensive center whose facilities allowed infertile couples needs and their stories to come first. They established SAFE Fertility & Genetic Center in 2009 at Amarin Tower. The center was founded to help couples fulfill their dream of becoming parents of a healthy child and delivering the best possible care to achieve pregnancy.
SAFE Fertility Center has grown to be recognized nationally and internationally.

We started out small with only 10 team members, today our team consists of more than 100 members from wide range of professions. Today, we have assisted over 5,000 couples in becoming parents of healthy child/children.

We are committed to ongoing education in fertility for our medical team allowing us to keep in pace with a rapidly developing scientific knowledge. With team of medical professionals, scientists, care and support team who share the same core value to strive in offering the highest quality service to our valued patients.

Since our inception, SAFE Fertility Center has added four more centers

SAFE Amarin Branch (Amarin Plaza Bangkok)
SAFE Ramindra Branch (Bangkok)
SAFE Phuket Branch (IVF Phuket)
SAFE Khon Kaen Branch
We are determined to cover all regions of Thailand to ensure accessibility for people across the country.
At SAFE Fertility Center we not only treat infertility but we also provide advanced genetic screening and reproductive cells cryopreservation.

Personal Assistant (Japanese or Indonesian speaking)

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Providing medical data and consultation information for patients, both email and phone during every step of the medical process, updating information for patients and agents to acknowledge.
  • Record and collect information for the medical of patients according to the medical procedures and coordinate with various departments Associated.
  • Describe the cost of medical and recommend the patient to pay the bills completely.
  • Arrange for patient transportation when patients come to medicate and summarize transportation costs if canceled.
  • The summary report of each patient that is taken care of each month.
  • Response for other assigned tasks.
  • Female age not over 35 years old
  • Bachelor degree in Japanese Major, Bahasa Indonesia, or related fields
  • Good personality and service mind
  • Good communication skill, ability to communicate effectively with customers and team members
  • Good command in writing and speaking Japanese or Bahasa Indonesia
  • Welcome new graduates or 0-1 years' experience in Customer Service, Hotel, Airline least, Guest Service will be advantage


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